Friday, August 30, 2013

What are you capable of?

What ARE you capable of doing? of saying? of BE-ING?  WHERE are you capable of going?  Do you know? Do you have any idea??
Many do not. Many do not have any idea of how far they can go, how much they can 'push' themselves, how much they can BELIEVE in their own ability to succeed and by succeeding I mean - FULFIL their innermost desires, dreams and goals.

Sometimes, the first step to finding out to what extent YOU are CAPABLE of holding up your end on your own to admit to your Self that you are more Power-full than what you have believed your Self to be, on every level.
Then you can move to step two and tell your Self that you are ready to believe in your Self to a greater degree....fully.  You will begin to BELIEVE that you are power-full and you will reinforce this regularly by saying "I am power-full.  I BELIEVE in my Self and my ability to achieve my innermost desires"
Feel the power that comes from proclaiming this.....often.  
Feel the power.
Feel your Self becoming even more power-full each day as you continue to believe in your Self.  Feel your Self becoming more confident and more resilient in many ways.

"To be capable of becoming your best and power-full Self, you must first admit to your Self that you CAN BE and then BELIEVE that you WILL BE...and then simply BE.

Shining powerfully into your pathway,
Stacey MacDonald

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