Sunday, August 11, 2013

Listen very carefully

Listen!  SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I SAID.....LISTEN!!!!!    BEEEEEE   QUIIIII-ET!   STOP and Listen.

That's better.  When you listen, you never know what you are going to hear.  When you listen, AT LEAST you are giving your Self the chance to hear SOMETHING.   I am NOT talking about listening to what is happening outside and around you in the world of busy-busy.
I am talking about listening within.  Listening to the quiet (or not so quiet in some instances) voice inside of you that knows MUCH MORE than you give it credit for.
This is NOT the voice inside of you that can sometimes engage in negative self talk, self judgement/blame and so on.  THIS voice that we speak of is deeper still.  THIS voice is the voice of wisdom, the voice of love, the voice of guidance and direction from your Angels and Guides, from Source, from your Higher Self.
To hear it, you have only to STOP ....and LISTEN.
That means pausing and putting a stop to tasks, chores, to-do's, needs (real or perceived, your own or others) and simply BE-ING in THIS moment and listening to THIS voice.
This voice can talk to you in words, feelings, ideas, inspirations or very simply, can envelope you in a circle of peace and well-being.
Sound good?
You got that right! When you stop and listen carefully, you are taking time out to connecting with your very powerful Source of knowledge and direction.
Take some time today.....and listen.

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