Thursday, August 15, 2013

How are your puzzle pieces coming together?

 Did your mom and dad (grandmother/grandad) keep a jigsaw puzzle out on the dining room table for a few days at a time?  Maybe you all started it as a family on the Sunday night and then left it set up for the week so that anyone passing by could suddenly spy a piece that fits PERFECTLY right in the top right corner. Excellent!  Eventually the puzzle got done....with a little help...and a little perseverance....great feeling.    Then BACK IN BOX and let's start another one!

Life can be like a puzzle.  We can start a project and then get tired of it or just need a break and wander away only to come back to it with 'fresh eyes' a bit later and light back into it with 'renewed gusto'!  Sometimes a friend or colleague or family member can stop in to help us with different parts of the (or the entire!) project.  With a little help and some perseverance - it all gets done!  GREAT FEELING!  Then on to the next project and so forth.  Life can be pretty much that simple - and that rewarding!

Sometimes, we can get tired of one puzzle and so rather than taking a breather and returning later....we start another project and then another and then another.....and soon our dining room table is FULL of puzzle pieces and WHO KNOWS which puzzle pieces belong with what puzzle and all you have is a BIG MESS.  This situation is frustrating and overwhelming and .... going nowhere.

Allow your Self the luxury of focusing on one puzzle at a time.  What? Impossible?!  Yes, maybe right now it is (because there are already too many puzzle pieces on the table) so take today and clear the table....then reset the table with ONE puzzle.  Leave the other puzzles in a queue,  you will get to them in time.  You may be multi talented and be able to handle two puzzles at a time - make sure THAT puzzle has it's own table. Remember to TAKE A BREAK from each puzzle to allow your mind to rest, relax and unwind.

Every puzzle gets finished with a little help, a little perseverance and at a time.

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