Thursday, July 25, 2013

How do YOU SEE YOUR picture?

Is this 'how things ARE?
OR is this 'how things SEEM TO BE'
is this 'how you would LIKE/NOT LIKE things to be?'

Do you GET THIS?  Regardless of your answers here - the result is the very same.  This CAN BE whatever you would like it to be. 
IF you SEE your current situation as dismal, down or hopeless - then you will certainly BE THERE. 
Alternatively, IF you SEE your current situation as contented, 'forward-moving' and full of opportunity - then you will most certainly be THERE.  
See things today as full of opportunity not obstacles.  Think and FOCUS on the 'best possible scenarios' rather than preparing yourself for the worst.  (See you glass as 'half full'...... I know some of you were waiting for THAT!  and there it is!)
And that is a valid point! See what you have around you and FEEL truly blessed while you are continuing along your Path today.  Even greater times are ahead of you, so look around and enJOY the ride!  

Allow your perception of everything and everyone around you to Light your Path forward.  

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