Friday, July 12, 2013


Let's bring everything right BACK!  BACK to BASICS.
Bring in all of your thoughts, ideas, perceptions, suspicions, fears, doubts, grandiose dreams and aspirations etcetera and put them ALL to one side for now.
Do you remember when you went into the classroom and your teacher asked you to 'Put all of your books under your desk please, we are going to have a Pop Quiz'......well, what I am asking you to do is very similar....WITHOUT the 'sinking feeling in your stomach' !
THIS Pop Quiz can be enlightening and F-U-N !

  1. If you could FEEL any way you choose right now, how would you feel?  (Your answer can be as long or as short as you choose.  Answers might include happy, content, joyful, financially secure, emotionally free etc.  Remember we are talking about FEELINGS here not THINGS.
  2. Make a list of some of the THINGS that you believe might contribute to how you would like to FEEL.
  3. Make a list or name some of the THINGS (or people or relationships etc) that you believe stand in your way of feeling how you would like to feel?
Take a long look at your answers. 
Keep looking.  
Notice that in questions 2 and 3, I wrote "THINGS that you believe"  might contribute OR stand in your way.

MOST of the feelings that we want to feel (question 1) can be felt at any time.  ANY time.  We don't necessarily have to WAIT until 'this THING comes onto our path' or until 'this PERSON/SITUATION leaves our path' to FEEL OUR BEST. 
We can FEEL OUR BEST right NOW.  
And that all sounds very well and good I realize.....but I SERIOUSLY want you to try this. 
WHEN some feelings of doubt, some fears, some anxiety or feelings of 'glum', self pity, victim etc come up in your face and leaving you feeling like there's no hope of EVER 'feeling like you want to feel'....envision putting your books under your desk and sitting there, eyes forward expectantly waiting for your next instruction. 
Your books, in this case represent all the feelings you have within you that 'ego' and lower Self tries to throw at you to bring you down, get in your way etc.  YES! This even extends to YOUR FEELINGS about your relationships/situations/'certain people' who are present around you that impede your ability to feel whole, well and 'on top of the world'!!  

CONSIDER, that it is NOT these people/situations/relationships that 'make you feel' poorly - it is your perception of this situation that blocks your way to FEELING GREAT.  Drop this perception right now. 
Simply make up your mind to do so.  Say, 'While this person/situation/relationship is not ideal for me right now, I AM FEELING GREAT, content, satisfied, joyful, happy, expectant, powerful, strong, hopeful, abundant etcetera."  (Please insert some OR ALL of these in your internal Self talk)

WHAT THIS DOES is creates such a POWERFUL ENERGY within you that the person/situation/relationship;
a) ceases to matter and fades away.  Most negative influences on our Life Path NEED our attention/dissatisfaction to be able to stay present in our lives - once we turn away, they simply - dissolve.
b)adapts to your new POWERFUL energy and 'comes on board' by being positive and strong also. 

THIS is something you can TRULY FEEL GOOD about!  

Shining out to you and FEELING GREAT about it!  

Stacey MacDonald - Founder of Angel Light, Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher