Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hopefully when you take YOUR time can be beside a bubbling creek out in a park, under a tree or in your own 'corner of Sacred space' that you have carved out in your home - together with your Zen music playing softly in the can feel your Self relaxing just as we are talking about this.....your breath is coming more evenly, more slowly  --  more fully.

HOWEVER, this is not always possible - this ability to 'get to' where we would find our quiet moment of Zen most aesthetically pleasing.
What IS ALWAYS finding a way to relax and slow our breath, mind and body.....WHEREVER we happen to find our Self at ANY point in ANY day.   (I can see some of you shaking your heads, others are raising their eyebrows....)

Let me 'explain the why'...

Most of us are 'shallow breathers' and some of us are even 'breath holders' when we are at work or in a conversation or concentrating at our laptops.....we are breathing JUST ENOUGH to 'keep the lights on' but NOT ENOUGH to have any REAL BENEFIT.  So, let's have some results here!

WHEN we take some time to BREATHE (while 20-30 minutes is optimal EVEN AS LITTLE AS 5 minutes can be highly beneficial ....EVEN IF you can only do 3 deep breaths in a row while sitting at your desk.....THIS is still progress!)  we are FILLING our each of our chakras, our Life Force Energy centres, with pure Energy. As we feel our shoulders rise and our chest expand, we are breathing in pure energy and as we feel our shoulders drop and our chest decrease, we are releasing any negativity, any worries/fears/doubts/anxieties,  'other people's STUFF',  and so on.  With each breath in, try to breathe in just a little more fully and with each breath out, exhale a little bit more each time.  Energetically, you are already 'on the rise'.

PHYSICALLY, how this works;  As your Life force energy increases within your Self, your chakras spin more quickly sending energy in and around the Energy highways within you. This energy is now able to 'get to' EACH cell, muscle, fibre, tissue, organ etc that previously was not receiving the full benefit of increased Life Force Energy - in some cases some of these areas had not been receiving any.....JUST ENOUGH to maintain .... and without the odd boost of energy, some of these areas might decrease in vitality.  With the increased energy, these areas are able to now allow the body to continue to maintain and get to work on any repair and strengthening needed.

How can we 'Double Down' on this Energy boost? 
Think positive thoughts/affirmations WHILE you are doing some deep breathing!
As I said, even a few deep breaths in a row while seated at your desk is a step in the right direction!  Add in "I am well. I am whole. I am strong, peaceful and fully present in THIS moment as I take this time for my Self"  or choose some affirmations of your own.  A great resource for inspirational thought and affirmations and so much more is of course, Hay House.

Shining PURE ENERGY into your day, today and every day,

Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, Founder of Angel Light, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

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