Monday, July 29, 2013

Archangel Michael sets us FREE!

One of my favourite things to do while relaxing in the evening or early to cruise through the pages at istockphoto.  Not only am I amazed by the creativity of the photographers but visually, I am taken away to new places.  This photo in particular grabbed my attention and as it did so, a message from one of our 'fan favourite' Archangels,  Archangel Michael popped up as well.

So many of us have energy cords attached to us that hold us down to the ground.  We want to FLY and SOAR to new possibilities and opportunities but these cords!.....are ensuring we stay rooted at this very spot.  These cords can represent many things and many times  -  it is our own fears and anxieties that hold us in one spot.

Today ask Archangel Michael to come around you and support you as you climb into the basket of YOUR hot air balloon.  Together with Archangel Michael, envision you both unhooking the ropes that hold your basket to the ground. Any of the sandbags that are still with you in the basket, LIFT THEM UP and HEAVE HO!  Fling them over the side!
What's that?!  WE HAVE LIFT OFF!  Suddenly, you are off and away -  ready to invite opportunity into your life, ready to see solutions instead of obstacles - ready to trade in fears and anxieties for hope and opportunities!

Sometimes even making the slightest change in your daily schedule (like re-claiming your lunch hour at work for quiet time by your Self in light meditation, walking meditation or self reflection) can make a huge difference in your outlook and GREATLY REDUCE the number of 'ropes' that are holding you to the ground.

Ask Archangel Michael to stay by you so that regardless of where you find your Self, he is able to always clear away cords of energy that might inhibit you or hold you down so that you FEEL....FREE!

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