Wednesday, June 26, 2013

10 THINGS I learned TODAY!

Wow!  What an incredible number of hours this was!  As some of you know, I have been sharing my morning tea with a family of robins who chose to nest just outside my kitchen doors.  IT has been an incredible few weeks as my boys and I have watched them hatch and then grow, feather and then GROW until finally - they are ready to try out their wings.
It was so funny as the evening before 'first flight' we were commenting on one of the babies as he kept standing up in the nest and spreading his wings and then reaching around to have a look as if to say 'What ARE these things??!' and we said "I think he is ready to get going"
It happened the next morning, I had a friend in for tea and there was a flurry of activity in the window just behind her and I said 'He's DONE IT!'  We watched as he 'gathered himself' on top of the patio hadn't been exactly a flight....more like a 'flinging himself forward' and ended safely but somewhat ... awkwardly :)  Dad was close at hand, chirping and challenging and supporting  - Mom was around also doing same and after quite awhile he tried again and - flung himself forward again and THEN remembered to flap a bit  -  the trip to one of the patio chairs ended up a little better. After a time, he gathered up some more courage and flitted - wavering - to another chair....and so on.
Eventually, he decided to GO FOR IT.  Dad had been on the top of the fence for hours, carrying on 'out loud and proud' - he decided to get up there himself.....but he didn't make it to the very top but....ALMOST!  He took some time to rest and gather his courage (and breath by the looks of it) and then .... gave it another go - and after MUCH repositioning!  HE DID IT!  SUCCESS!
The process took hours.  BUT once he had got THERE! The new vista he could see, the skills he had conquered - it was a whole new world! He then flew WITH DAD to the neighbour's fence, then together to their porch roof, then together to the next neighbour's rooftop...what the view must have been for him!
At that point, he was having to gather himself less and less between flights....he was simply confident and competent.  So amazing.
At some point in time, as this story kept replaying itself over and over again in my mind, it became apparent to me that YES! I was so happy to have witnessed this incredible event moment by moment however the way this event SYMBOLIZED what is available to all of US ... was blowing my mind as well!

10 things I learned from my baby robin:
  1. We can ALL FIND OUR WINGS. 
  2. The first time we use IS GOING TO BE AWKWARD. 
  3. Fly anyway. 
  4. Take time to gather your Self, to get your breath -- then TRY AGAIN. 
  5. Each time you try, the process get's easier
  6. Eventually, you WILL HAVE SUCCESS.
  8. Opportunities will abound.
  9. So, when life is making us 'uncomfortable in our nest'....
  10. Find your wings and fling yourSelf forward!

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