Friday, May 31, 2013

Your Inner Child & your Angels

Connect with your Inner child. He or she is still there, you know.  YES!  Still there waiting for you to acknowledge them.  They are within you, like waiting in the wings of a stage production for just the right moment when they hear 'PSSSST! You're ON!' and then they scamper out onto the stage and SHINE in the stage lights - they are IN THE MOMENT.  Your inner child always has a grand time - and everyone around your inner child also has a tremendous time of it!  Why?  Because your inner child has a magnetism that makes EVERYTHING about enJOYing THIS MOMENT.

Some of you see this Inner child regularly. You are very used to whispering to them to come out and play and then letting them rise to the surface in your daily routines as you eat ice cream right out of the container (when your kids aren't looking and smile to your Self), you pick a dandelion and make a wish and blllooooooowwwwwww!  ;) ,  you wash the car just so you can 'play with the hose',  daydream while you are watering the gardens....etc.

Others are going to have to do a lot more than whisper!  You, I'm afraid, are going to have to get out the megaphone and go on a full scale search!  Alert the media! We are going to need some backup!

For you, I suggest you start small and pick one of the activities mentioned above (right away, I hear the adult in you saying - 'I don't eat ice cream (diet), I can't go to the park (allergies), I don't have a hose (condo apartment)' - and.....I get it.  I hear you.

BUT! (were you waiting for it? cuz there it is!) You can let your 'Adult you' continue to get in the way, block the door, pull up the drawbridge on your Inner Child
you can let your Inner child take the reins for awhile and allow them to show you the way. Bend some of your very stringent and strict rules for the afternoon and spend some time down at the lake letting the sun wash over you.  Sign up for a pottery class (yes, it will be messy!)  Take some acting classes, join a baseball team, dragon boating, tennis lessons,go swimming etc.

Your Inner child works hand in hand with your Angel Team and in particular, Archangel Gabriel.  By letting this Inner child out of the box regularly you are strengthening your Spirit, improving your Life Path, revitalizing your Life Force Energy, YOU are nurturing YOU......  and - by the way - you are also, very simply  - having fun.  F - U - N.
THIS is a win-win situation.
So, make some grape Koolaid and go sit in the grass for awhile and stare up at the clouds.  Smile.

Feel my Inner Child reaching out to yours today!

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 Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Founder of Stacey M Angel Light, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA