Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Shine, GLOW, Smile....LIGHT IT UP today people! Make it your PERSONAL MISSION to ensure those around you have a GREAT DAY! 
In my area of the world today, it is grey skies and raining....and the weather station says it is VERY happy to stay that way for the next little while and SO - I guess it is up to me and the people around me to MAKE OUR OWN SUNSHINE today!
Purposefully find ways in which to do so. ACTIVELY look for opportunities to SHINE into someone's day. INDULGE your own interests, your spontaneous whims and ALLOW your Self to enjoy those moments.  Take that very same feeling of TREATING your Self and gift that to another person.  TREAT them to a smile, a hug, a funny story.  Hold the door for someone, pay for the next person's coffee in the drivethrough line, make a phone call/email or text that you have been putting off to brighten a day - FEEL HOW THE GLOW  shines back your way!

Most of all, look for the ways in which your Angels are shining into your day today.  Look for the mini miracles that they are constantly placing in your Path.  When you spot those Angel gifts, gratefully allow your Self to RECEIVE them!  This is your Angel team sending you YOUR OWN SUNSHINE - regardless of the weather system currently overhead!

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Founder of Stacey M Angel Light, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA

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