Saturday, April 27, 2013

KEEP IT REAL, Angel Friends!

Keep things strong and straight and true.
It's not that fact, keeping this IN MIND and IN PRACTICE is one of, if not the VERY SIMPLEST 'modes of operation' that we can adhere to.
If things are not right, say so. (They may BE RIGHT, however if you FEEL they are not so....SAY SO.  You ARE ALLOWED to express your opinion)
If things ARE right, say so. (MY GLASS IS HALF FULL! awesome)
If you have made a mistake, apologize.
If you have persevered and won, SHOUT IT OUT! (look for those who celebrate WITH you! SO awesome!)
If you have been gifted with 'random great success' (or even 'sidedoor abundance') SHARE IT!
If you are incredibly lost, sad, alone, fearful....SHARE THIS!  Your burden will be lighter, guaranteed.

Common denominator for keeping it strong and straight and true?  Communication.  SHARE. Good AND BAD.....share.  There are more people around you to listen than you think....(I see some raised eyebrows....)  Right, well - to the doubters - start SHARING ....HONESTLY......and you'll see where I am getting at :)  
Thank you for listening to me - WHILE i  am SHARING.

Life is meant to be simple.  Life *physical Life Path*, can be weird, strange, wonderful, blissful and VERY random.....enJOY it for those VERY points and !! go with the flow.  :)

Shining into your flow today and all days - Keep it true and keep it real Angel friends!