Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are you 'wrestling' with a Decision? HEAR THIS!

Are you trying to make a decision?  Do you keep going back and forth, over it and over it, arguing this way and then answering the other way.....well, you are not alone! At times we have all felt like we are STUCK IN ONE SPOT because we JUST CAN'T DECIDE which way to go.
We DO NOT want to make a mistake.
We DO NOT want to make 'the wrong decision'.
Our Angels will speak through us and around us and come into our awareness in many different ways. Just the other day I was wrestling with a decision when I was reminded of a quote from Teddy Roosevelt;

“In any moment of decision, 

the best thing you can do is the right thing,

 the next best thing is the wrong thing,

and the worst thing you can do is nothing”

Recently when I faced a difficult decision, I shared and reasoned it out with my Self and my circle of supporters and eventually voiced out loud as the situation was resolving;

 "While I am not entirely sure that making this move is 'the RIGHT move', I KNOW within my Self that DOING NOTHING AT ALL is entirely 'the WRONG move'.  It is with this in mind that I step forward confidently accepting that the results of this decision will be entirely favourable and/or will provide stepping stones to guide me further into my positive and powerful Life Path."

When faced with a need to make a decision - AND we are faced with this situation ALL THE TIME - we need to trust, we need to have faith, we need to believe and we need to keep in mind that not all decisions are 'forever decisions' - IN FACT, very few if any decisions are 'forever decisions'.  We make decisions IN THE MOMENT with the all the facts that we are able to gather in that moment, with our Highest Self acting with us for our best intentions and purpose....period. 

Whatever happens as a result of this is progress and experience. WHATEVER HAPPENS AS A RESULT OF THIS is progress AND experience. 
BOTH good things. 
I needed to say that twice because I need you to hear that in your mind's ear ALL THE TIME.  

Confidently step forward in 'decision time'. Gather your facts and make sure you are connected with your own best intentions IN THE MOMENT. Make your decisions and breathe deeply.  
You are on your way. 

Shining Angel Light into your decisions today and every day,