Thursday, April 11, 2013

Angel Reiki

Are you already a Reiki Master?

Angel Reiki
Tibetan Advanced Reiki Training    

In this one day course, Reiki Masters will learn the following;
·         receive Tibetan Personal Mastery Symbol for healing
·         be attuned to each of the five Tibetan healing symbols
·         how to work with energy in the Hara
·         intensify healing treatments using the Hui Yin and Violet Breath
·         how to do an Etheric Cleansing or psychic surgery
·         learn the Microcosmic Orbit
·         Reiki Healing Attunements including practical time
·         incorporate Angel Healing to your  Reiki sessions
·         practical time on 'how to conduct a full Reiki session' using new symbols and Angel Reiki
·         Questions and discussion time

Class is limited to 4 participants to ensure one-on-one attention and practise time. Participants will receive their Angel Reiki certificate as a Tibetan Advanced Reiki Healer.
Course timeframe 5 hrs.
*prerequisite - participants must hold their Usui Reiki Master level from any lineage.
CONTACT ME  for details - I look very forward to hearing from you!

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA