Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MAGIC MOON Chakra Cleanse & Energy BOOST!

So here we are!  One day to prepare for our MAGIC MOON tomorrow evening! While some have you have heard me (and heard me and heard me! haha!) go on about the Cleansing effect of a Full Moon, you might have also heard (if you were paying attention!)  that some Moons are more powerful than others and your ENERGY will tell you if THIS one is a powerful one FOR YOU.
It is, for many.  It is, for me.
THIS MAGIC MOON will most definitely create a platform for future endeavours. Period.
IF this Moon is calling your name, then you are in a PRIME POSITION to simply list the things that are in your life now that you feel are BAGGAGE. They weigh you down.  These 'things' can be thought patterns, relationships, plans for future, memories of past, current careers, past perceptions etc.  
You are READY to step forward and into your position of Power.

*It is interesting that WHEN you totally and completely feel like you are TRULY stepping forward into 'your position of Power' this ALSO comes with a like and equal feeling of stepping forward into 'your position of Acceptance and Surrender'.   This is another example of the 'teeter-totter' that I often speak of....this is how we keep our BALANCE. This is how we STAY connected to our Divine guidance/Higher Self and also how we STAY grounded in the physical plane.  If this is YOUR TIME to move forward, then you KNOW what I am speaking of. 

Action steps!

  • Write down anything which you feel is weighing you down/blocking your ability to move forward.  This list is 'For your Eyes Only' so feel free to write in long form, short hand, bullet point etc. You can be as detailed or as vague as you like - your Higher Self knows what you need to be rid of in your current Life Path and this list is only your physical/emotional Self acknowledging that you HEAR your Higher Self guiding your forward positively. Write and write and write. 
  • Tomorrow evening (or whenever your Full Moon is happening in your area of our beautiful World, for some it is just beginning) connect with your Moon.  Some people choose to spend the evening meditating, others like to get together with some friends and spend the evening in discussion - for me, I choose to make my cup of tea and spend time outside looking up at my Full Moon and feeling its cleansing moon rays washing down over me as I reflect and welcome positive change and powerful cleansing into my Energy.  I am very aware that the list I have made is now being addressed energetically, I have handed over my list of baggage and obstacles to the cleansing power of the Full moon and now - I am free.    I am free to move forward - in the moment.  My Self is totally clear and clean on every level. 
  • At this point, you may choose to discard your list of points. Some choose to shred their list, others choose to burn it in a fireplace or outdoors while still others like to draw lines through each point (as if on a to-do list  (DONE!) and then file it in a 'Thank you' file.  You will KNOW what you are drawn to do. 
I wish you well during this MAGIC MOON phase!  and send blessings to each and every one of you for a powerful pathway forward!

Stacey MacDonald - Intuitive Life Guide, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA