Monday, February 18, 2013

"Stripping away the NEGATRONS!"

 Do you find that your energy is less than optimal?  Is that just  a 'silver lining slant' on being DOWNRIGHT EXHAUSTED, drained, sapped, frustrated, in a rut, STUCK.  Yes, sometimes we are just stuck. Stuck on life path and this can happen AS A RESULT of being stuck within our own energy. Even in our own headspace we are stuck - can't think of ANY WAY to move forward, can think of TOO MANY ways to move forward which can result in feelings of overwhelm - head whirring and whirring with no solutions that seem to be an ACTUAL ACTION POINT - a PLACE TO START.  

Well, let's START by doing something tangible with the next moment.  Let's consider the fact that one of the reasons we are having a hard time going forward is because consciously or unconsciously we have surrounded ourselves with people, situations, habits and behaviours that HOLD US HERE.  Not only are we not able to GET ON WITH THINGS....we are very, very tired.  Inside we feel tired and outside we look tired.  

Consider this exercise;

'Stripping away the Negatrons' - Look objectively at the circle of people, relationships and situations that you surround yourself with on a daily or regular basis and be HONEST as to which people or situations TAKE ENERGY from you.   This type of situation can really pull your energy down and by LIMITING time spent in this situation and/or with this person or people - you can allow your energy to continue to strengthen and build without having it continually sapped away. 

Some situations can be left behind completely while others are not that easy nor do you necessarily WANT to walk away from completely - and you don't have to in order to get the full effect from this exercise.
Take a break from some of your Negatrons. Take a week, 3 weeks, a weekend off and while you are doing so.....INDULGE your Self completely in positive thoughts and feelings of personal wellness.   Spend more time outside, meditate, treat your Self to a spa experience or Energy session.

'Strip away your Negatrons' and feel your personal Energy....thank you for it!

Stacey MacDonald is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Life Guide and Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and the Founder of Angel Light. 

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