Friday, February 1, 2013

Angel Connection: Push to Start

....and more and more of us are becoming VERY AWARE of this!  We have only to put our hand in the air, envision our START button and press firmly.... :)

Our Angel connection is ALWAYS available to us.  Many people go through their entire Life path without realizing this.  ASKING AND ASKING for guidance and direction and help and assistance and in some cases their ONLY answer or most frequent answer is .... frustration and a feeling of being a little or ALOT ....lost and alone.

WELL, certainly you are not alone.  WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO CONVINCE YOU?
I am URGING you to BELIEVE this morning.  BELIEVE in your ability to connect with your Angels and MORE IMPORTANTLY BELIEVE in your Angel team's ability to connect with you!


....AND as 2013 is more of a year TO TAKE ACTION rather than playing 'lip service' only to moving forward on Life path
THEN FIRST you have to acknowledge your BELIEF and THEN you have to put your hand in the air.
"Pick me" your hand seems to say and in a way, this is exactly what you are showing your Angel team!  Keep your hand in the air and see your index finger pressing your START BUTTON.

What's that?  Oh yes,  "We have lift off!"   FEEL THE RUSH, you are connected.
Feel strong, safe and supported as you go through your day today - you have all of your Angels on your team!

 Stacey MacDonald  is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ®,Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher  RT-CRA, Intuitive Life Path Guide & Energy Healer

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