Thursday, January 24, 2013

Angel Inspirations

Do you have one?
An idea that is??
Well, GOOD!!  That is the FIRST step!  The step towards getting further down your Life Path, the step towards working towards your Purpose (capital "P") ... your idea - no matter how 'random', no matter how 'out there', no matter how 'FAR AWAY and unreachable it may seem to be and ... no matter how .... 'you can't quite figure out the HOW' you are going to get there! or even anywhere CLOSE!
Doesn't matter.  That idea you have is Divinely sent.  Is it just you and your imagination spinning a wheel of 'what ifs' ?  Yes, that too!  It's THE SAME.
As you sit and 'let your mind wander' what you are actually doing from an Angel perspective is opening the door to fresh ideas, thinking outside the box, putting out the welcome mat to receive ANGEL INSPIRATION!
When your thought process starts to flow, TRUST that the things you are shown, ideas that spring into your awareness, feelings that come over you...are indeed, the Angel Guidance you have been asking for.
It may not be 'the next step' you are being may be one of the end results....or a step a little farther down the road....however as you ACKNOWLEDGE and appreciate in gratitude the guidance you are receiving, you are leaving the door open for your Angels to provide the NEXT STEP for you to take in order for you to get to where you want to go.  WHEN THAT HAPPENS,  TRUST in that opportunity and TAKE IT even if you can't see how it relates to your desired idea....the dots will connect.
**Remember, along the way to do a 'check' with your Self and your Angels with new opportunities.  If it 'feels right' (but you still don't know 'the why') then this is still an opportunity worth strongly considering or throwing yourself into!  "All Aboard!"   -  if you have some reservations or when you do your 'check' your internal compass is saying ' that CRICKETS CHIRPING?'  (aka  nothing)  then you need to at the very least do some more digging, get some more information - don't take it off the white board completely but just leave it hanging for the time being until more information comes your way....and it will.

Trust in your Angel ideas and inspirations - you have asked for them......NOW, openly and graciously receive them!
Shining into your ideas today....Angel Light.

Stacey MacDonald is the founder of Angel Light. To book your personal Angel reading, guidance session and/or Energy healing please contact through the website.

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