Monday, December 31, 2012


I find that it is very worthy to note that as I was downloading this remarkable and very appropriate picture for this blog posting today.....that, in doing so and as usual to complete the process I was asked to input my 'verification'......this is sometimes a series of numbers or random words, some of the letters are usually blurred or fused together to make it somewhat difficult to answer this skill testing part of the download.

This time however was different.  This time my verification code very simply and clearly looked like this;

love   life

Fine. Dually noted. 
That was actually my entire point (as if my Angels didn't already know!)  Here I was sitting enjoying my cup of tea and watching a movie where I was SPURRED on to pause my movie and jot an Angel message down.....seems to me like they have 'underscored the message' for us. 

This year - take some chances.  YES! Get out there.  Live your life. Love your life. Love you and love everyone around you. Each and everyone of us. Love life. Take a chance. 

and have fun doing it ;) 

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