Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is Santa Claus real?

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I remember when my kids asked me this questions - heck! I remember when I asked this question!  My answer to my kids was the same answer I knew in my heart since I was a child. 
Of course he exists. Period. 
 Just like so many questions we wrestle with as we try to 'understand the why', look for the 'logical explanation' and 'back up our beliefs' with proof.....some questions are just simply better answered with a simple and resounding....YES. 

In the month of December, MAGICAL things happen.  Kids whose families were not able to afford them toys, get toys. Families that could not afford to feed their families the meals they would like to, find a way to do so - often through the kindness and generosity of 'strangers'.  People make an effort to carve out time in a busy schedule to ensure they have an extra hour to have a coffee with someone who is lonely.  Others pick up the phone and call someone who they haven't spoken with in YEARS.  Passers by smile at each other.  Groups of people get together and by each sharing a few dollars they are able to amass an amount of money that truly makes a difference in a community.....halfway around the world.  
The receivers are truly grateful - the givers have something much more....a gift, a feeling of MAGIC as the realization of their ability to truly make a difference, quietly, graciously, sincerely and without acclaim which creates a sense of confidence within. This confidence shines out to others and recognizes the spark when they see this gift within others around them.  This is the magic of Christmas. This is what Santa Claus, Pere Noel, Father Christmas is a symbol for - the MAGIC of Christmas.  
Just as around our communities and around the world in different countries and cultures there are many other MAGICAL seasons where people are INSPIRED to believe deeply in the power of magic through giving and believing. We honour ALL of our beliefs when we CONTINUE to celebrate and honour our tradition of giving and believing BEYOND THE SEASON and into the days and weeks afterward.  
The same amount of MAGIC is available to us at all times throughout the year - the only variable is the extent to which we BELIEVE- together as a community of people, all with various cultural backgrounds, all with various traditions and celebrations - the CONSTANT is that WE BELIEVE.
  It's just that simple - the formula or equation looks like this:
So, when the magic of the Season comes your way....and when you ensure the magic of the Season flows FROM YOU to someone or somewhere else.....your Angels THANK YOU.

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