Monday, December 3, 2012

Climb up and over

Image courtesy of graur codrin at

Stormy weather out?  ohhhhhh.....stormy weather IN! Got it!
Not to worry - just like the rain clouds eventually just run out of rain, the wind loses it's huff and puff and dark skies turn brighter ~  so it is with difficult situations, frustrating times, fearful and anxious thoughts and times of limbo.  Eventually, the intensity of the situation at hand .... evens out.
Meanwhile, hang on and trust that your Angels are bringing you up and over any obstacles that seem to be eclipsing your sun. Your Angel team will bring you through this time of emotional anxiety to a new day of peace and wholeness.  Your Angel team will be by your side to comfort you in your time of need, they will show you the way.
Shining Angel Light out to you today from the sun behind the cloud.