Friday, December 14, 2012

BE TRANSFORMED - or don't be transformed - YOUR CHOICE!!

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BE TRANSFORMED!  Feel it, be it, know it. 
or don't. 
YOUR CHOICE.  The thing is .... the time is now! NOW. period.  
Not only are we in a time of Divine Magic and transformation however listen up people because the stakes just got a LITTLE higher!
We JUST finished a New moon and are headed towards a full moon on December 28.  
The MAGIC that each New Moon holds is to ALLOW this cycle to PLANT SEEDS for what you want to see brought into your pathway going forward. THIS time is now, starting last night and lasts until the 28 (is strongest the 3 days around the moon cycle however we are playing a little catch up ball here and IT IS the holiday season so we will allow some 'wiggle room' here!) 
 Keep a list and keep it handy because your Angels and Guides will keep adding to that list over the following days! WHAT DO YOU WANT to bring into your Lifepath?   Keep listening and when inspiration the inspiration down.  Sometimes dreams seem 'too big', 'not for us but for other people' and we prefer and feel more comfortable to 'keep dreams in perspective', 'keep dreams reasonable'. 

REALLY?  Well, those days are over my friends!! or not.....the message from the Angels is very clear. This is a time of transformation for those that WISH to transform, to grow, to assist others and in doing so, assist themselves...are able to.  We welcome you to the team.

GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY......just like our Monarch butterfly :)  HE(she? haha!)  KNOWS!  
Time is short!  ENJOY THE MOMENT!!
The time is now my friends....get on my bus!  WE ARE going places :)  Keep shining!