Thursday, December 27, 2012

Archangel Michael, Ariel & Raguel ... and DIVINE TIMING

Image courtesy of Alison Thomson

Navigating along your Life path can somethimes be smooth sailing and sometimes a tricky and arduous journey.  At times in your life the path can become quite messy and confusing and the way forward can seem to go in many different directions at once direction at all....the path is just too construed with obstacles to tell right now.  Hold your position, keep looking for a way forward and soon the path, the RIGHT path will be clear for you. 
Archangel Ariel together with Archangel Michael helps us with our Life path and forward motion however it is Archangel Raguel, the overseer of all of the Angels and Archangels, who assists us with Divine Timing.  Sometimes we feel, WE KNOW that we are ready for the next step, ready to move on and while we may be right - sometimes we have just one more lesson to learn at this point before we can move on for our highest benefit and also those around us. Sometimes while we are ready to move on....the next step is not quite ready for us yet....the Angels may still be working on 'setting the stage' so that when we get there - in Divine Timing - we have it set to an optimal level FOR US to enjoy and thrive. 
If you are on a part of your path where the pathway seems a bit confusing....look up, feel Angel blessings, guidance and Light shining down on you just where you are. Ask Archangel Raguel to assist you in finding the best way forward - at the right moment, the Divine moment.  You will be patiently waiting to receive guidance in the meantime - you will be enjoying the view! Look up and catch your rays of Angel Light today!