Monday, November 5, 2012

Who's on your TEAM?

A valid question that deserves some consideration. Feel free to sit awhile and reflect on this.   Consider all of the reasons why you might want to put a team together in the first place. What will be the team's objective? What types of strengths and skill would you like your team members to be able to bring to the table?
Your Team may not even remotely look like the people who are currently in your circle; your family members, your wife/husband, your business partner, even your friends ...  and that's ok.
We have family, friends and business colleauges around to help us do, accomplish and sometimes just BE on our path.
Sometimes we need a special team put together for a specific task.  Sometimes the people that generally surround us simply do not have the skills, strengths or do not have the 'Energetic match' that is able to assist us with this particular mission.
When we find we are in 'a rut' or STUCK on our Path - it helps to be able to go farther afield and gather people around you that are of a 'like minded purpose' with what you are trying to achieve.  It doesn't mean that you WALK AWAY from your family, friends and business partners....IT DOES MEAN that you allow your Self and CHALLENGE your Self to break out of the box and go and find team members that SUPPORT you at this particular time!  Get out there!
If you are STUCK then actively go searching for some extra team mates that will help you to score the winning goal! Make sure they are supportive, have a similar objective, are open to learning, helping and are 'as good in the cheering section as they are on the field'!
Play on!