Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pick up the Retro-phone! It's your common sense calling!!

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GET REAL!  That is the theme of this phone call friends!
Did you ever stop to notice that when you are in a 'crisis time' that your common sense, your inner calm kicks in and you are able to dial RIGHT BACK TO ZERO?  
No longer are you striving, reaching, analysing  thinking, strategising, are now like a stalled engine.  You WERE going along fairly well you thought...although looking back...WHOA! Was that stressful!  But you felt abundant! You were ON THE RISE!  You were in complete control!!
or were you?
Now, the engine driving you madly along the path of Life is stalled...and you feel....lost, alone, bereft.  HOWEVER, this is actually your Angels calling and tapping in to your common sense URGING you to (for once! - It's been awhile!)  look around and SEE what you have.  I know COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS can sometimes be a little humdrum phrase but when you ACTUALLY DO will begin to breathe a little easier. 
Stay on this call for a bit and allow the 'Retro phone' to dial you back through time and space to your inner child.  See how little this inner child ACTUALLY NEEDS AND WANTS in order to have a fantastic day!  A bowl of cereal listening to the radio in the morning, do some chores later on, play outside, read a book, look at the sky.....Feel the freedom in this while you are chatting on the Retro phone.  
Isn't THIS true abundance? 
As adults we can still CELEBRATE OUR INNER CHILD and honour this child in our daily thoughts and activities. Allow a call through on the Retro phone, dialling into your common sense as your Angels tell you that while you may feel like your engine is stalled.....
you actually are in a process of TRADING UP.....for a better engine....a BETTER way of doing things...A SIMPLER way of living.....THIS is true abundance. 
Allow your engine to stall.....pick up the phone....listen for guidance.....allow for the process and transition to take place....your Angels are calling and they have you headed for a great future!  EnJOY your personal abundance today!