Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let Archangel Michael DRIVE THE BUS!

The great thing about riding the bus DON'T HAVE TO DRIVE!  
If we were to decide to take matters into our own hands and march onto the city bus, push the well trained, professional bus driver to one side - the very bus driver that knows the route like the back of his hand - sit down in the driver's seat and DO OUR LEVEL BEST to navigate our way through the busy lanes of downtown traffic....without any training....what do you think would happen?
A crash? Maybe.  Chaos? Definitely.  Frustration for all involved? Absolutely.

It is the very same way that your Angel Team and in particular Archangel Michael is wanting to 'drive the bus' for you.  He is always at the ready to assist us in Life Path.  We need only to get on the bus.

Put your trust and faith in the fact that Archangel Michael KNOWS YOUR ROUTE, your Path. He KNOWS where opportunity awaits for you, he KNOWS where you can avoid some pitfalls.  He also knows where there are some life lessons waiting for you that while they may temporarily discourage you....if you STAY ON THE BUS and keep believing in his ability to drive you around that corner.....good things are waiting for you.

If YOU were might take the wrong turn and miss those good things.  Don't 'miss the good things'.  Stay on the bus ~ and enJOY the ride!