Friday, November 23, 2012

Is it a 'weakness' or MY STRENGTH?

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Consider the story of the deer. 
The deer was feeling quite small and a little on the anxious side however as usual with deer, the feelings of hope and faith and trust were even stronger.  Deer knew that today was the day that she was to start up the mountain. She also knew that while it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the grass was green she was aware that there were many possible pitfalls, obstacles, and.....a MONSTER that lived 'almost' at the very top of the mountain where many travellers before her were forced to turn back and not complete their journey.  She had heard the stories about others who, not realizing they were only a few steps from finishing, allowed their fear and fatigue to overcome their need and desire to carry on - they were unable to face 'the monster' and turned around.  
It is with this knowledge that deer started on her way up the mountain. She knew she had to get to the top of the mountain and felt in her heart that this was 'the way forward' for her - she was ready. Deer took her time on the path, taking time to stop and enjoy the view, notice the beautiful flowers that popped up from time to time alongside the hills and even enjoyed a few grasses and leaves as snacks along the way.  She was forced to leave the path a couple of times to avoid large boulders that had rolled over the path or even to jump over some fallen branches that blocked her way from time to time. This was no problem for deer - in her quiet and gentle way she was able to take her time and see her way around each pathway challenge and once on the other side, she simply carried on.  Deer did not look back on her path to mark her progress nor did she gaze up the mountain to wonder about what might lie ahead....she simply carried on step by step, humming to herself and delighting in the day. 
When suddenly, 
the monster himself leapt out of his cave near the top of the mountain and directly into deer's path. He was horrible looking and the roaring sound that came from him made deer shake when she first heard it and realized that THIS obstacle, this challenge, this monster was the biggest she had ever faced before. As the monster continued to roar and jump up and down, throwing branches and rocks around before him and around deer, deer stood and watched, her eyes wide.  As the monster carried on and deer continued to contemplate what to do about her predicament, she also noticed a dewy patch of grass that might make a nice snack by her hoof. She nibbled at the grass and continued to gaze wide eyed at the crazed monster, blinking her eyes at him as she did so.  She also noticed the monster beginning to tire.  
The monster was thinking "WHY does this deer not run and hide or just like the others, GO BACK down the path".  At last he could go on no longer and asked the deer who was still enjoying her snack somewhat hesitantly however enjoying nonetheless - the very same question.
The deer responded "I mean you no harm, I simply wish to pass" while she blinked innocently at the monster.  He responded by sighing and retiring back into his cave.
The deer continued to pick her way along the path, stopping to enjoy the view along the way and also, from the TOP of the mountain.

If you are the deer and have previously believed that because of your sensitivities, your gentle demeanour, your diplomacy, your 'perceived weaknesses' in the face of situations that threaten to block your way forward....KNOW that these very same characteristics will see you through to the top of your mountain. 
Carry on and keep shining!

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