Friday, November 30, 2012

25 days of Affirmations with your Angels

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We have today to prepare. Today we find our pad of paper, journal, notebook, special entry page in our laptop....whatever the case may be - stay at the ready!
Starting tomorrow we have the next 25 days to enJOY receiving our personal affirmations from our Angels.  At some point in time during the day, there will be a thought that appears to you and stays in your mind for a moment accompanied by a feeling of wonder/clarity/appreciation and THIS is your daily affirmation from your Angels....write it down.
These affirmations we will be taking with us into glorious 2013! These will be or will help to make our intentions for the New year - it is going to be a grand year!  Some examples might include entries like;   Holy cow! I am driving my new car :),  my relationship is deeply committed and loyal, I enjoy booking my vacation etc.   They might continue to list;  I am lucky, I am joy, I open my arms wide to receive all abundance, I am a highly visual person, I am surrounded by a strong supportive circle filled with friendship, love and light etc
The thoughts do not have to be long, intense ramblings - they can be simple and easy .... or they can switch back and forth. They may even be affirmations or quotes that you have heard before and really resonated with and then....THAT thought is with you again strongly today....write it down!
Date them of course for interests sake and have fun with this - enJOY connecting with your Angels and building a solid foundation for 2013. It starts TODAY!

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