Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You don't know what you are doing?

So? So what! Lots of times in life we have no idea what we are doing with no idea how to proceed. We just don't KNOW what to do about a certain situation or what the next step might be.
We might have a very clear picture of what we might like our end result to be but as for how to go about achieving that result?  NO CLUE.
Do not let this stop you from moving forward.  EVEN LATERAL MOVEMENT IS BETTER THAN NO MOVEMENT AT ALL!  Just keep moving, keep doing, keep asking, keep trying, keep believing.

...and ask for help.  Put it out there. Let people in your circle know that you need help. Tell a friend, ask online, share with your family and partner with some like minded individuals.  Ask your guides, the Angels and Source to give you some direction on the NEXT STEP to take. Allow all of them the opportunity to assist you.  Who says you have to do this ALL ON YOUR OWN?

Even if the answer today does not seem to be the answer for tomorrow....TRUST. Take the guidance and direction you receive today and trust that tomorrow there will be more guidance, more help and more steps to take.

You KNOW what you are doing!  You are MOVING FORWARD, one step at a time surrounded by a circle of support, strength, faith, belief and sincere well wishes - MINE!
Keep shining!