Thursday, October 11, 2012

Archangel Raguel "Shakes your tree"

....and after I had posted the previous messages on behalf of Archangel Raguel - he added some clarification;

This is NOT to say that everything that comes along is to be accepted and embraced as to 'how it is now....oh dear'....
No, not always. SOMETIMES when things come along your way at the right moment that is not exactly or not at all what you had hoped for/ wished for / asked for etc.  It IS the right moment in that it catapults you FORWARD INTO ACTION to ensure that THIS situation turns around.  This moment MOVES YOU FORWARD in that previously you were drifting along asking/hoping/praying that things would change for the better and .... change they did - however, NOT for the better! (you feel at this time)
This 'horrible change' in your life has STILL happened for a reason and at the right time as this is your Angel Team 'shaking your tree' hard enough for you to fall out of it and start running!
If Archangel Raguel is 'shaking your tree' then you better start running!  Follow your instinct, watch for directions and lean on your running partners - your Angel Team.
Keep shining!