Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What is it to 'BE MINDFUL'?
As we expand into our MINDFULLNESS, we become AWARE. This awareness - awareness of Self, awareness of others, awareness of WHAT EXACTLY WE ARE DOING .... in THIS we are feeling, how we are acting/reacting/responding with the ebb and flow of the physical, mental and emotional contact we are a part of each BE AWARE and at the same time SEPARATE.

Appreciating the moment, observing the moment, the moment we are in and truly BE part of it. EnJOY truly BEING IN this moment.....or NOT enJOY BEING IN this particular moment and yet at the same time appreciating it for what it IS  another step on our journey. It IS another moment on our Life Path.
Notice how you can STOP the clock and BE IN YOUR MOMENT today. Connect with your SELF and the journey you are on.  YOU are WORTH connecting TO.
Thank you for connecting with me - Keep shining!