Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Make a WISH !

Make a wish today!  This is the calling of the day ~ to MAKE A WISH.  
What would/should/could you wish for?  Dive deep in to YOU and FEEL within your Self what you REALLY wish for.  Generally, when we think of wishes we might think of things like 'I wish for a new car'.  SOME TIMES that wish stems from other feelings like what you ACTUALLY are wishing for:  "I wish for safer transportation for my family", "I wish to feel more successful when I am conducting my business meetings", "I would like to feel more secure on the highways"  etc.   Make your wish and then see and feel all the surrounding wishes that encompass your wish.  Another example "I wish to lose weight" can also be "I wish to be healthy", "I wish to set a good example for my kids/community/extended family regarding physical self maintenance and responsibility" or even "I wish for my physical body to match the same high vibrational energy as my spiritual and emotional self".

There are wishes .... and then ...  THERE ARE WISHES.  Make your wish today and make sure that you are making that wish while understanding the true depth and breadth of your wish.
 Today, I WISH for all of YOUR wishes to come easily to you ON EVERY LEVEL.
Shine into your wishes today!