Monday, September 17, 2012

control-control-control....LET GO!

Easier said than done in most cases and especially as we  find ourselves on this life path with our human condition of planning, restructuring, deciding, fixing, solving, pushing,and then back to planning, goal-setting, statistic checking control freaks that creates a vicious circle of controlcontrolcontrol!!!!
When we spend all of our waking minutes and some of our sleeping minutes too thinking and whirring and analysing....we are absolutely tuning in to only our own small picture ego thoughts, our lower self thoughts and when we spend our time doing this it does not matter HOW LOUD our Higher Self, our Guides and Angels are shouting at us that 'THERE IS AN EASIER WAY'!!!!
We cannot hear them ~ simply said because we are not listening.   To hear good advice, guidance and in some cases life altering simply have to listen and to listen attentively you MUST LET GO of all the busybusy 'head stuff' and simply BE.
Am I saying never make another list? never prioritize?? never make another plan???  no.  I am suggesting that you save AT LEAST as much time out of everyday for LISTENING as you do for PLANNING.  (Write THAT in your timetable!!!)
Keep shining :)