Saturday, September 22, 2012

Archangel Ariel - COURAGE!

The Archangel that is always closest to my heart as, not only for my own Life Path but together with Archangel Michael, she shows up time and time again during personal sessions in order to lead, inspire and lend courage to those that need it when facing (yet, another!!) obstacle on our path.  She always stands RIGHT BEHIND you on the Path and with her unwavering gaze forward, ever forward, her eyes are ALWAYS fixated on the task at hand and goals beyond. She WILL NOT let you move backwards on your path.  In fact, she WILL ONLY let you STAND STILL on your Path long enough to get your bearings...and no longer!  She will nudge (PUSH!) you forward when the timing is right.  YOU may not feel the timing is right and many times you will feel that you need 'just a little more time' before you are FULLY ready....however, when you get the 'nudge' to move, TRUST in Archangel Ariel and feel the courage within your heart, your very Self as she encourages, pushes and prods you forward successfully on your Path!

For more information on Archangel Ariel as well as the other 14 major Archangels and how you can communicate and receive guidance from them - stay tuned for the release of the on-line Angel Light  ARCHANGELS 101 course.