Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The secret of your own Divine Magic

We each have our unique and individual type of sparkling Light and Divine Magic  within us. We were brought to this Life Path with this Magic within us and we still have it. It never leaves. Some people have no idea they have this, and they never will.  Some people 'sometimes' know they can really 'put it out there' and sometimes think that they have lost it. Some people KNOW they have it and shine it out there every chance they get.   They know the secret.
In order for your Divine Magic to grow .... you have to Let It Go.

Set it free. Get it out there. Uncurl your fingers that are hanging on SO TIGHT your own special and unique style of Self, your own Light, your own MAGIC and roll it out there.   

Here's the thing....
Once you have set it free......KEEP YOUR HAND OUT.
Don't just STAND THERE with your arms at your sides and wonder when you'll be receiving back payment from your gift. Don't cross your arms and tap your foot and wait for said reciprocal gift!!!
There are MANY others before you who have also set their Magic free. and many behind you and beside you who are about to do the same.....Keep Your Hand Out. 

This hand will assist others along the way  - if they need a hand to hold, or to steady them or to lead the way...yours is ALREADY THERE - no need to ask for help - help is CONSTANTLY being OFFERED!  
This hand will show others to also keep their hands out - reaching out to others in their own unique and individual way, sharing the Magic!
This hand is a CONSTANT REMINDER to your Self and to others that we are not here to do anything alone - there are other hands out all over the world that are both in need of a hand and are OFFERING a hand to others. FEEL the Magic!
....Keep YOUR hand out and see, feel and enJOY and be EMPOWERED by all of the beautiful Magic that comes shining back to you - so much Light and Love beyond anything you could have ever imagined! 
Invite Divine Magic INTO your life by BEING the Magic!