Monday, August 13, 2012

The Heart of it......

The centre of it - the point of it - the heart of the what counts. Regardless, of how big the splash is around you, the heart of the matter is still the point.
Take off all the layers, preconceptions, misconceptions, assumptions and attitudes and see your heart today.  Strip off all of the ideas, innuendoes, comments and behaviours of others to you and also your reactions and responses back ..... and simply look squarely at your heart.  Examine your heart, your Self, your inner truth and truly feel what it is offering to you - simplicity.
Your heart is wonderful in its ability to offer you the real you, honest you, simple you, kind you, excited you, inner child you.  You have a lot to offer.  Remember to listen and feel your way down your path - with your heart.
It's an listen to your Heart.  (wink)