Sunday, August 19, 2012

TAP INTO your Past Life Soul wisdom

Archangel Raziel guides us to better understand the Mystery of Self, our soul and our journey here forward. He helps us to SEE our path forward, to SEE signs and symbols that guide us forward and as we move forward we are able to unlock the secrets that show us our true Self.  As we move forward and continue to uncover hidden wisdoms and understandings, removing layers of the physical world from our spiritual Self and as a result are able to see more of our inner Self, our soul, the one that we feel so comfortable BE-ing.
Openly partner with Archangel Raziel, invite him into your day today and ask him to help you to uncover more of your Self and the inner wisdom that you carry with you. He can help you look back, FEEL deeply within your SELF and help you to KNOW the messages, information, skills and wisdom that you carry with you forward into THIS physical life from all of your other past lives and journeys.  Some of you have had a few past lives while some of you have had many, many journeys already on this physical plane and in these instances it is only wise to spend some time regularly with Archangel Raziel as he can help you to unlock the doors, the secrets, the Mystery that symbolizes your ability to tap into this wellspring of wisdom within your cell memory, your Self.   Ask him also to help you to tap into only the wisdom of the lessons learned in past lives and to wash away any trauma, difficulty, emotional upset that also may be brought up and into your consciousness.
Partnering with Archangel Raziel in this way is not to go back and re-live or immerse your Self in any past lives....much the opposite. Archangel Raziel helps us forward on THIS life path, this life journey and helps us to stay focused on the goals and life lessons that we have to learn on this path HOWEVER  also helps us to tap into our Soul's consciousness so that as we share our wisdom with others on our journey - we are doing so from the very depth of our existence, from our Soul .  Allow this inner knowingness of your Soul's wisdom to shine forth today together with Archangel Raziel.  

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