Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stop the Clock and 'get Physical'

It's your choice you know. You can 'stop that clock' whenever and wherever you choose. How about now?  Let's stop our clocks together right now as we are reading these words. Done.
The clock is not ticking, our moments are our own, our thoughts IN THIS MOMENT are our thoughts with NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD for the previous few moments, days, weeks etc and same goes for the next few moments, day, weeks etc.
The time is now. BREATHE and feel your Physical self relax into the moment. ALLOW YOUR SELF to be fully in your Physical being and let your mental, emotional and even Spiritual Self sit on the back burner for now. NOW we are being our Physical Self. Listening, feeling and enjoying our Physical Self.

Say thank you to all your Physical Self has to offer you. Thank it for being your 'vehicle' to get you around to where you want to go, need to go, feel called to go. Thank it for working so hard for you. Thank it for listening to your mental requests on where to go and how to get there.
En-joy BEING IN your Physical Self.
Take time to 'Stop your Clock' any time and simply - EnJOY your Self!