Monday, August 27, 2012

Recognize your TURNING POINT

Our Angel message today is a resounding message that urges us to make the most of our Turning Points.  These points happen regularly , frequently or infrequently along our Life Path - generally when we least expect them and RARELY when we have asked for them...
they just happen.
We don't manifest them, make them happen, set the stage to set the most beneficial circumstances in which our turning point can best benefit our situation.
While we are in them, we do not adapt to 'the turning point situation' in order to maximize the result.....
we are them...we are in that time in our life that is our turning point.  
Recognize your turning point if you are in one right now and regardless of the 'awkwardness' that this point may be bringing along with it....recognize it for the very useful and transformative process that this is.  Transform - feel the process.
While you are feeling this, keep in mind that while this process happens around you, through you, through your relationships and within your very does not NEED YOU to play an active role in this process.....stay in your Life Path, putting one foot in front of the other, do NOT overthink, allow the process to evolve in it's own way, recognize and be grateful for the magic happening around you (EVEN AND ESPECIALLY when it does not FEEL magical.....wait for it.....!)
Keep moving forward - one step at a time - and when the magic happens?  RECOGNIZE it and ALLOW it.  Keep shining!