Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Parlez-vous d'aventure? YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!

Regardless of what language you are SPEAKING, what actions you are CURRENTLY EXHIBITING (remember "Actions speak louder than words"!!), what your emotions are FEELING, what your eyes are CURRENTLY SEEING.....there is adventure in EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY around you.
Open your Self to truly see, feel and KNOW the difference in each moment of each day....each person around you - large, small, young and old.
BE AWARE of others as they are also on their OWN PERSONAL ADVENTURE kind.  STOP to smile at another as they go on their merry adventure.
ENSURE smiling at someone else is part of YOUR OWN DAILY ADVENTURE.
ENSURE smiling at your SELF in the mirror is part of YOUR OWN DAILY ADVENTURE.

Be kind. Be happy. Smile.
Go. Be free. Have fun.