Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LIGHT your inner fire!

To know, to see, to feel your pathway opening up before you - to feel the blaze of success, contentment, fulfilment and be able to enJOY the completion of ideas and inspirations as they have come to you to bring you to this wonderful and spectacular time in your life...!!! wow!.....er, what was that?  oh, so not QUITE JUST there yet?  NOT TO WORRY.
You have ignited the spark, lit the match, held the match to the kindling in fire which will (if not already) light the larger pieces of wood you have carefully placed in the fire pit  and before you know it....you'll be sitting back enjoying the fruits of your labour......basking in the glow of the flames that are shining you and warming you as a result of your ability to LISTEN to the inspirations that are being fed to you regularly.
Your Angels and Guides are feeding you these ideas and inspirations CONSTANTLY and it is ONLY when you light that first spark of a flame within your Self that you are able to recognize these ideas as such - trusted guidance forward.
Lighting this flame ensures that you are open, aware and accepting of any such trusted guidance that can be shown to you at any point -and EVERY POINT - along your Life Path.
LIGHT UP your inner FIRE today - keep it lit every day.  Hear, know, feel and see the guidance as it is shown to you!