Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Write a Wishlist 101

For so many of us it has been a long while since we have taken pen to paper and written our wishlist....a LONG while. For others it hasn't been long at all - just recently we have written, said, thought about, demanded our wish list regularly and often all the while believing in our heart of hearts that a)we won't get it b)we don't deserve it c)good things only happen to 'other' people d)'Granter of wishes' is not hearing me e)all of the the above.
So, go ahead and rummage around until you come up with a pen and some paper....and pause over your blank page while you SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE to one of OPEN ENERGY and RECEPTIVITY.  How do you do this? Well, there are many, many Energy healing practises, exercises and techniques in order to do a total perspective shift - shedding negative energy and thought processes while you learn to embrace your Path, your Self, your Abundance - which is AVAILABLE for just must MAKE THE SHIFTING.....
but I digress.....TODAY - we are making our wish list.....and we are keeping it simple - we have pen and paper and we are ready to begin....

  1. Pause - take a DEEP breath all the way in and exhale ALL THE WAY - repeat for a few moments (this is beginning to increase your own energy centre while shedding any negative or thought blocking energy from your wish list exercise)
  2. Smile
  3. Start to write a list of how you WISH to feel.  What are some adjectives that you would like to use to describe your Self or how you WISH others to describe you as. 
  4. Now write another list of activities that you WISH to immerse your Self in (this can include potential future employment, hobbies, recreational activities, groups to join etc)
  5. Write a list of any and all types of 'material things' that you would like to see being a part of your physical life - as we live very much in a physical world and it is quite natural to desire, want and to enjoy physical, material objects in our life also. 
  6. You can be as general or specific as you like.  For example, you can write these 'sub-lists' for "within the next month, I would like to feel.....",  followed by "within the next 6 months, I would like to feel", etc.
  7. Include a clause at the bottom of the list as a reminder to your "Gift granter"...."I wish for all of my list to come to me abundantly - these or something BETTER" ~ and wink while you write it! We add this on every list because it is part of the human condition to sometimes 'dream small', ask for things which are actually 'less' than what we are able to manifest, PARTICULARLY in the matter of emotions and physical health. 
  8. You can write this list as often as you like ~ or write it only the once.....YOUR CHOICE.
  9. Important Notice;  You MUST BELIEVE that you deserve this list and that "Gift granters" are hearing you and that you will RECEIVE.  YOU MUST clear your energy and BELIEVE every day. (smiling and breathing deeply to increase your energy is a great Energy healing start in being able to clear any blocking energy to opening up your pathway to Abundance - emotionally, spiritually and physically.) 
*I will remind you that TONIGHT is a Blue Moon and magical manifestation is at hand*
So get writing people!!  
Sending out magical energy waves of Abundance to all who are writing their lists today - Keep shining!