Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Moon ....Aug 31... Prepare for the Magic!

To be sure, ANY full moon is useful for cleansing crystals, clearing energy, new beginnings, purging any habit/energy/behaviours/trains of thought in order to start the next day, the new day on a more positive Life Path.   However, THIS is a Blue Moon and well?  These moons only happen....once in a Blue moon...(couldn't resist! and I KNOW you were waiting for it!!)
Now then, technically Blue Moons occur when there are two full moons in a month....the second moon is called the Blue Moon. However, the Farmer's Almanac has always held true that it is the third of four Full Moons that occur within a season.
Regardless, this particular Blue moon is happening in just a couple of days and for those that 'wish' to make use of the special energies being shone over our beautiful universe that evening, it can be very powerful and helpful.
On an emotional and spiritual level this moon is tremendously useful 
for intensifying our abilities to manifest goals.
 That is a longer and more fanciful version of simply calling it 
"Make a wish night!"
So, normally we talk about partnering with Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Ariel in order to connect with your ability to manifest and .... that has not changed! Continue to ask them to partner with you as you look at making your wish, wishes or forming your Angel List of Wishes - you can call it whatever you like and you can make it as long a list or short a list as you feel guided to - however, if you would like an ENERGETIC BOOST towards Abundance, Healing, Cleansing, Self Power and/or a stronger connection with your Guides and Angels.....prepare NOW - make your list - and as you gaze up at the Blue Moon on the 31st you can say a little 'thank you' for the energy boost :)  Keep shining!