Saturday, August 18, 2012


WELL? ARE YOU??  or are you shut?  Tell me now...or better yet, tell your Angels, guides, opportunities, potential abundance and the friendly skies THE TRUTH....
are you open?  
Imagine that you are sitting in your corner store/deli/spa/business office wondering WHY can't I get ahead, WHY don't great things come my way, WHY WHY WHY do I work so hard/wish so hard etc. and STILL  I sit here....waiting for good and great things to come my after day...

Well?  HEAR THIS. Look up and around you - there is more to your situation than meets the eye. If you are always looking down, shrugging and buckling down for another day - TO BE SURE - opportunities for advancement down your Life Path will not be available to you.
Picture your Self sitting at your desk looking down glumly while your Angels and guides are banging on the shop door yelling "Are you open????"

Picture this, you come into the shop for the day, open the door, stick a bunch of potted plants out on the doorstep and step outside onto the sidewalk to WELCOME the sun on your face, greet passersby and GET IN THE FLOW of energy for the day as you announce to the world  "I AM OPEN"

When you are OPEN, you are able to RECEIVE energy, gifts, opportunities, blessings, good gestures and friendly exchanges.   Do you also leave your Self OPEN to negative energies? Harsh words?   Yes.  HOWEVER, when you are OPEN to RECEIVING positive energy into your life and abundance in all ways then the positive exchanges will GREATLY OUTWEIGH the harsh exchanges.....your own positivity and openness to shining your goodwill and high vibrations will WASH AWAY any potentially harmful situations from a good rain washes away the dust :)   Negative energy is 'only dust' and can be very easily cleared by staying OPEN.

STAY OPEN and get ready to RECEIVE!!!