Sunday, August 5, 2012

Get with the Game! The ANGEL GAME!

For sure! Hey, WHO DOESN'T??
Well, I have to be honest here and looking around at you lot - I would have to say that not too many of you 'love excitement'.  If I am wrong , then 'hats off to you' because you are a better actor/actress than I thought - and you are able to keep that excitement WELL HIDDEN.
Where do you hide it? Under disdain, sarcasm, 'tiredness', negativity, blame, fear, way are you going to 'get caught' being or showing enthusiasm or excitement. WHEN strife comes your way, you WILL BE READY, grim face forward expecting the worst.
and you know what?  YOUR Angel Team is UNABLE to help you with that.
Are your Angels around you??? yes of course. Are they able to help you and guide you and make miracles manifest along your Life Path?  Well, yes .... and no.
They are able to help you WHEN you leave the door open.  WHEN you are excited, positive, jubilant, carefree, enjoying nature, having a laugh, relaxing maybe with a good book, or even beseeching in a time of angst, strife, sadness, grief......these are all emotions that the door is open for Angel assistance.
The 'other' feelings that I listed earlier SLAM THE ANGEL DOOR SHUT!!!  and they are only able to watch from the sidelines quietly and politely like a well behaved crowd at Wimbledon. They wait and they watch UNTIL they see some of this (sometimes quite unexpected) EXCITEMENT! AND THEN they are able to swoop in FULL GO.
Why would you shut this door? Why wouldn't you just leave the door open all the time?, I have NO IDEA!
Leave the door open. BE excited. BE happy. BE relaxed. BE REAL. Get in the Game. The Angel Game and ..... leave the door open - they are on YOUR team and they are so happy to jump off the bench and onto your playing field!
Shine into YOUR EXCITEMENT today!!