Friday, August 3, 2012

...and the answer is?...."TIME!" was the question?  oh yes, "What is the solution to most every situation?" and clearly, the answer would be 'Time'. (WHY didn't I HIT THE BUZZER earlier??!)
Right, so if we KNOW the question and we KNOW the answer then WHY do we give our Selves SUCH  a hard time while we are going through difficult situations, different challenges, loss, grief, job issues, personal struggles/obstacle triumphs, CHANGE??!
I also KNOW that question but I do not know the answer to that.
I do not know why we in general do not ALLOW OUR SELF TIME to go through these processes.
THERE ARE PROCESSES along this journey in life and "here's the thing tips!" ~ We DO NOT UNDERSTAND the processes in MOST of these journeys AND that's ok. In fact, it does not matter one whit whether we understand the process or not. The fact remains we are going through them and the fact remains that we will come out on the other side.  Shut off the "I have to think this through and analyze every which way of this very confusing/upsetting/disrupting etc moment" and just PLEASE turn the other way and let your life path, your guides, your Angels, your subconscious Self work through this process WITHOUT ego trying to make it more difficult than it needs to be.
YES, there is change happening and YES this change is not always welcome/good/requested but.....regardless HERE IT IS.
So, do me a favour.....don't forget the question.......and furthermore...REMIND your Self consistently of the answer.  !
In the meantime, breathe ....  BREATHE!!!! and smile....and even have a laugh or two.
;)  Keep shining!  It's going to be just fine.