Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A NEW day

There are new days and then....there are NEW DAYS.  Sometimes Life Path is about 'levelling off' and sometimes it is about "levelling up'.....both can be considered equally fulfilling when it comes to looking at the benefits and merits of 'New Days'.
We are talking about our New Day in that there comes at certain times in our life a reality check, a clarity of mind, a perception shift that has the ability to JOLT us back into our Selves, snatch us back onto our Life Path, CEMENT our confidence in our direction.
This same perception shift comes as a result of our (generally) SUDDEN understanding of who we are, why we are here, what we are meant to do. The foundation that this provides for us in this moment - is incredible, immovable, unshakeable and also (generally!) none too soon!!
This New Day can 'suddenly' come to us after we have had our toes slipping on a gravelly slope for a little while or maybe even hovering at the edge of the proverbial emotional cliff or perhaps we have been tumbling 'toes over tea kettle' (as my mom says...or something like that!) through the air, for a long while...regardless, today we are being blessed with a New Day.
and - just like that-we find our Selves on a 'New' path.  New and yet strangely familiar as we recognize this Path as the one that is meant for us...the one that we set out for our Selves on this journey....
It doesn't mean this is the right path any more than where we have been has been the wrong path - it just means that now?  Instead of 'levelling off' and continuing to address the challenges and forward movement of a Path that is currently ahead of us.....we are 'levelling UP' AND CHOOSING to jump to a 'New Path' as it is being presented to us. Why? because it is being offered for a reason AND it FEELS RIGHT.   We are 'levelling up'.
Shine forward - onward and upward!