Friday, July 6, 2012

You NAILED it !!

Thumbs up!
You did it!  and it is the BEST!
NO ONE could have done it BETTER than THAT!
take a BOW - you DESERVE it.
(slow clap leading to thunderous applause....oh....what's that??!....huh.....!!...)
feel the love....  !!!

Here's the thing....We GENERALLY do a GREAT job of things every single moment of every day. Whether we are taking out the garbage, driving, doing the laundry, presenting at a board meeting, serving another client at work....we are doing our level BEST in that moment. It might not be as good as we are going to do it next time....and yeah, SOMETIMES it might not be quite as good as how we did it last Tuesday but IN THIS MOMENT .... this is our BEST we have to offer and THIS is what our Angels and Guides are shouting at us ALL THE TIME!  Well done.
When was the last time we HEARD THIS?  When was the last time we spoke to our SELF in this manner?
When you LISTEN to your inner you hear this PRAISE for Self?
 ...or something else?
make the decision (and YES this is a conscious decision and choice that you CAN make and remind your Self throughout the day to stick to and to CONSISTENTLY focus on!!!)
make the decision to speak to your Self in a kind, proactive, positive, cheerful, gentle, grateful manner.  Cheer your Self on! Tell your Self that you are doing a GREAT job.
(any time that ANY thought sneaks in that trys to tell you otherwise...recognize lower Self trying to 'edge in on your happy' and SEND that voice away......gone)
it's all about the Thumbs up!
and if you are spending some time outside today (and I certainly advise that YOU DO!)
make sure you put some sunscreen on those thumbs...
tan lines are soooooooo unsightly!!
Shine it up today people!!!
(and.....Great job!!)