Sunday, July 1, 2012

What is YOUR Life Purpose?

This is the most commonly asked question and yet fundamentally is the easiest answer to come to......your life purpose is...... (drum roll please....)
To be happy.
and no, I am not trying to be trite (defined in as Lacking power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition)  lol!!

no definitely not being trite.  :)
but SIMPLY trying to point out to you that indeed this is our only purpose here on this Earth. Let me continue by saying that when we are happy;

  • we make other people in our path happy
  • we are able to accomplish great things as we are totally open and free flowing within our own true and creative Self and therefore able to listen to, hear and connect with our intuition, our inspiration, our Guides and therefore be LED TO GREAT OPPORTUNITY
  • we have the courage through SHEER Self confidence and self esteem to SEIZE THESE OPPORTUNITIES of the day as this courage is easily gained however ONLY FUELLED  by 'THE POWER OF JOY"
  • we inspire happiness in others
  • we EASILY solve problems/remove obstacles (personally, within our family/relationships, community, globally etc)
  • we have more energy to reach out to others
  • we have a better idea of how to set healthy parameters and boundaries to ensure time is allowed to feed our true Self
  • we FEEL lighter ...physically!
  • we breathe easier....literally (and figuratively)
  • we SMILE MORE which increases our life force energy within our body
  • our life force energy cleans our chakras thereby sending MORE life force energy to our cells and tissues and body organs thereby assisting our physical body to HEAL ITSELF!
  • (BY SMILING????? YES!!!!!)
If our Life Purpose is simply to BE HAPPY.....then let's start today. (and if you are already humming a great happy tune in your head and heart...then no need to START but PLEASE DO CONTINUE!! haha!)  
Join me today with a happy head - breathe easier
 - SLOW IT DOWN people and LIGHT IT UP today - 
Blast someone and something with your happiness factor!!!