Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Wolves

A wonderful analogy that I use on a regular basis when speaking with people in session or in workshops is the story of "The Two Wolves". (This is also a recurring dream for me that my guides keep showing me and showing me in order for me to remember for myself and also to make sure it is at the front of my mind to pass on for others when the opportunity is right. The opportunity is right this morning ;)   Bare with me as I tell my rendition of the story as it is shown to me in Dreamtime however this story is a Cherokee Legend and quite well known - and with good reason...... as you will see....

A Cherokee grandfather is teaching his grandson some life lessons and the boy remarks, "There is a fight that is happening inside of me. I feel like it is between two wolves. One is a black wolf and he is scary, evil, dark. He is so angry at everything! and sad and arrogant and feels sorry for himself always as he feels like he is always treated badly by everyone.  The other wolf is a white wolf and he is beautiful. He is happy, kind, full of love and compassion for others and is always peaceful."  The boy also added, "Everybody has these wolves with them don't they?"

After a long pause, the boy asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"
and the grandfather replied, "The one you feed"

Keep shining at your white wolf today :)