Monday, July 30, 2012

Time to 'get the Lead out!'

It is a cleansing, clearing and DETOXING time for many of us and  THAT time is synonymous with "Get the lead out" !
Writing, journalling, keeping a diary, venting on paper, jotting down random thoughts.....HOWEVER, you are guided to get those thoughts, notes and ideas down on to paper then so NOW.
Anytime we are moved to pick up a pen and paper (computer notes count also however actual pen to paper - preferably while you are sitting outside under a tree or by some water or a quiet spot in your garden and/or on your balcony)  we are simultaneously being guided to get some ENERGY MOVING!

Allow that which is STUCK within us to dislodge and MOVE FREELY. 
Negative energies, blockages, inner obstacles are shifted and moved aside to let positive energies, forward motion life force energy to move forcefully within us feeding us, purifying us, cleansing us, energizing us FORWARD!  

and ultimately helping us to find our solid foundation in the physical world; 
emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. 

oh,   and keep shining :)